I always say that “we are all the same because we are all different”.

I don’t think I stole that from anyone.

Who knows?

We are not just one thing, but a plethora of many things. I am currently constructing a collage-type image in photoshop that I think embodies some of the major parts of myself – or at least brings to mind things that I identify with.

My photoshoppin’ game ain’t all that, but my vision of what this image can be amazes and exites me – really though, I got a semi right now.

I started this blog today, after a bitter-sweet trip to New York. Let’s see how long it takes me to make this image – which, by the way, I will be using as my page header.

Rough sketches begin at 9pm EST during Heroes.

Tuck in your shirt, and stay classy Internet,

Yours Cooly,

Black Ty.

you sure you wanna go down there Ty?

you sure you wanna go down there Ty?

Hello world!

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