America surprised us and let a Black Man guide us…

Young Barack.

Young Barack.

As a Canadian, by birth, a Trinidadian by boat, and an African by lineage, I can say today that I believe in America.

Their Constitution and Declaration of Independence are documents that promised the eventual creation of a great nation.

It took them a while to live up to those lofty ideals written down so long ago, but today they have arrived.

No more excuses Black Man.
We have arrived.
There is no limit to what we can do.
President Obama! has shown us that.

Humankind, the time has come to save our planet.
I HOPE his example, his legacy, is one that future leaders of the world can look up to.
I HOPE he sets a trend for leaders across the globe. (Harper, you better fall in or fall back!)
I HOPE…we can survive the drastic changes needed.
I BELIEVE…in people again. (Especially after that landslide victory. Looks like the ignorant redneck is now an endangered species.)

…at least, I HOPE one does…
If nothing at all was accomplished yesterday evening, at least HOPE was kept alive.

Does he really have what it takes to make change? Is he just a figure to distract us while the true wielders of power pull his and our strings from behind an iron curtain?
Well, he said this was a victory for us.  So I suppose the question is, can we affect change?

I think you know the answer to that…


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