The Black Ty Affairs will feature an interactive look at my life.

Pictures and eventually video of my life in my room (rated pg!) is what I hope to use to make my blog cool.

Still haven’t finished that collage image for the page header. I’m thinking that it will change pretty often – kinda like me.

Here are some images of my room/command center/creative space.

Let The Sunshine In

Let The Sunshine In

My room is my sanctuary away from the pretense. It is backstage to Stage one for me.

Inside is a personal place of zen and peace.

It is also very simple.

Friends have even remarked: “Ty, your room looks like it is used for IKEA photoshoots”.

But that is just one side of the room.

Where I work is busy, messy, and overflowing with papers, dvds, video games, and books galore.

Watchmen and a French Graphic Novel I picked up in Marseille are my favs

Watchmen and a French Graphic Novel I picked up in Marseille are my favs

A lot of people put fiction down, saying it’s a waste of time. I remember something I read in university that helped me justify my love for reading and writing fiction. I’ll try to find the quote now…

I couldn’t find the exact quote I wanted, but I found an essay I wrote back in 2004 while I was still in school.

I liked the essay so much that I’m going to post the entire thing here. I was writing my ass off back then.

In bold you will find the relevant passage to the point I was making about the value of fiction.

I think I might make a category for all my old essays…yeah, i’ll do that

EN 296

N. Leach

Friday, December 03, 2004

Be a Man

The representations of the private sphere and public life in Caleb Williams are seen quite distinctly in the portrayals of Mr. Barnabas Tyrell and Mr. Ferdinando Falkland. The novel suggests that these two men – along with the modes of life they each represent – are related through a false sense of pride. Rhetorically speaking, William Godwin is trying to show how a man should and should not act. To accomplish this, he creates two characters, cut from the same wealthy aristocratic cloth but sewn together with completely opposite moral fibers. Tyrell and Falkland are the antithesis of each other, and fittingly, are portrayed as extreme opposites. One is described as being “boisterous, rugged, and unfeeling” (Godwin 94), and the other is described as displaying “humanity, delicacy, firmness, and justice” (Godwin 105). In the first volume of this novel, Godwin has essentially created an arena for evil and good to do battle.

Apart from the rhetoric of model living, exists a deeper motive in Godwin’s writing that is driven by a thirst for knowledge of history he says is found in any “rational being” (Godwin 453). A being that, in its search for personal purpose, looks to the people of the past whom they can only assume have journeyed along the lines of a similar quest. But in their history books all these beings can find are passionately vague and impersonal representations of so called great men and women. Godwin strongly objected to this in “Of History and Romance”. In her “Introductory Discourse” to the Plays on the Passions, Joanna Baillie echoes Godwin’s sentiments which argue for the importance of depicting the private passions of individuals as opposed to the official, public representations given to historical figures. Despite their efforts, most history books remain written with an icy quill capable of showing history only as it is concerns economic and social conditions of the time. The censors of said material are seen by Godwin thusly:

They disdain the records of individuals. To interest our passions, or employ our thoughts about personal events, be they of patriots, of authors, of heroes or kings, they regard as a symptom of effeminacy. Their mighty minds cannot descend to be busied about anything less than the condition of nations, and the collation and comparison of successive ages. Whatever would disturb by exiting our feelings the torpid tranquility of the soul, they have in unspeakable abhorrence. (Godwin 454)

He holds these censors in such an unfavorable light because he feels they are doing an injustice to humanity by prohibiting them from being moved by history in a way that could possibly spark inspiration so divine that it could only benefit humanity as a whole. Godwin lobbied for historical figures to be portrayed more like fictional heroes were portrayed because – allegorically speaking – more kids want to be Superman or Batman than Malcolm X or Barack Obama. But these were truly trivial pursuits in society’s eye, whose gaze still distinctly discerns the difference between history and romance. Included in the connotations brought to mind when one thinks of romance are those immediately related to the feminine. This relation stems from fact that romance novels gained their literary prowess through the hands of women readers. But examining this fact, we see that our programmed disdain for the romance novel and all things thusly related is no more than misogynistic residue not fully washed from our society-programmed minds. Residue that causes men to look with condescension upon all things women are engrossed with; including their embrace of the passions. This misogynistic view followed this logic: women are emotional beings; displaying your emotions and emotions themselves are a sign of weakness; women are weak; therefore, to be strong, a man must do the opposite of woman. To the powers that be, the censors, romance can have no substantial value to the progress of humanity, in any facet, because, viewed as a whole, it is a pointless, artificial, mere form of entertainment. To determine which hero is liked more – the public man or the private man – Godwin creates Tyrell and Falkland, who share the values of the censors and of himself and Joanna Baillie, respectively. Through specific reference to Godwin’s article “Of History and Romance” and his novel Caleb Williams, along with citations from Joanna Baillie’s “Introductory Discourse”, this essay aims to prove that portraying historic heroes as men as passionate moral individuals rather than exclusively men of renowned fame or influence is a way of ensnaring the undivided attention of the reader and therefore facilitating the communication of rhetoric.

I decided to only post the first few paragraphs, for the rest of that essay, and others I wrote while in university, please see the Essays written for The Man catergory of my blog.

Back to my room.

More Colonial Fiction, and NLP. I swear I never read that Harry Potter book.

More Colonial Fiction, and NLP. I swear I never read that Harry Potter book.

John Milton’s Paradise Lost is peaking through on top along with my 30GB iPOD video.

Eight great comedies features some Oscar Wilde and Shakespeare greats. The Cantebury Tales is a classic. I loved medieval literature in school. Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and The Once and Future King had a huge influence on me.

The Bible in English and Spanish, and some plays...

The Bible in English and Spanish, and some plays...

On top Kanye’s book with J. Sakiya Sandifer Thank You and You’re Welcome is peaking through. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead is a classic comedy. The medieval lit I mentioned above is seen here. I haven’t finished The Odessey yet. The Classic Slave Narratives is a must read, especially Frederick Douglas’ Narrative. A Cosby show box set is also peaking through.

Batman and Wolverine.

Batman and Wolverine.

In front of that speaker, is a sweet Tamrind Pod (it’s a trini ting, i guess). Pocket knife, Stussy skull ring, chapstick, little buddha all in that leather desk square thing (there is a name for that that is escaping me) Guinness coaster along with that paper weight they give you from the Guinness brewery in Dublin. Boba Fett/Storm Trooper rubix cube, Bee-Otch air freshener that you’ve seen hanging from the rear view mirror of BumbleBee in the Transformers movie. Ocean’s Eleven: I love the style in that movie, everyone is swagger like puff, swagga swagga like puff. Wireless Modem.

Sitting Sideways always in a Daze...

Sitting Sideways always in a Daze...

Moments…In The Matrix Reloaded when Trinity thinks Neo is lost forever, then they re-unite in the train station…wait that was Revolutions…whatever.

Office Space: I’m doing the drywall down at the new McDonald’s

Chocolat: the taste of love

Sideways: the whole movie had me ROFLMAO, and I love wine

Hidden Agenda: intense movie with good actors, borrowed and returned (not really a must see)

The Fog is Lifting is an educational DVD about the peaceful (real) side of Islam. Someone handed it to me on the street in front of Eaton Centre (!)

Road to Perdition: based on a comic…Tom Hanks is brilliant in this MUST SEE

Manhunter…meh…couldn’t get through it, but i hear it’s good

Sunset Blvd. Classic! I love old movies and this is creepy and entertaining. peep it!

Complex, GQ, Vanity Fair, Men's Health

Complex, GQ, Vanity Fair, Men

Shortcomings is great Graphic Novel. Confessions of an Alcoholic, i think its called, is also a good read. I got the Japan book when I was in Manchester, plotting an escape to the far east…that still hasn’t happened.

Another Little Buddha, one guarding the window, the other the door. Meditation Balls (pause) Insence.

Another Little Buddha, one guarding the window, the other the door. Meditation Balls (pause) Insence.and a postachio i couldn't open...Far Left Window.A little toy boat I bought in Panama. A black and white stone a la The Alchemist.

Far left window, other side.
Shaolin Shadow-Boxing, and the Wu-Tang Sword Style...

Shaolin Shadow-Boxing, and the Wu-Tang Sword Style...I recently bought a DVD copy of the 36 Chambers of Shaolin. I saw it a bunch of times when I was young, cuz my older brother was heavy into kung-fu flicks, and it was great to see it again, and add it to my collection. HYAH! Right side risked your life to protect the cube?Middle window. I haven't learned how to solve this yet. My brother is a master at it now. There is a cool video on youtube showing you all the steps, day Rubik's, one day.The Big Doe Rehab and 8-Diagrams posters, and my vision board.

The Vision board is lacking right now, I had stripped it down and have been revising my vision. Dope calendar on the left. Hanging up behind the door is the bag full of illegal narcotics (lol) and my Tommy Hilfiger denim shirt- which i love lounging in, especially on the beach. Adriana Lima, Monaco post cards, and a sushi menu on the board now…and i think my Kanye ticket stub from the Glow in the Dark tour. Peaking throught at the bottom is my wooden sword (ask) and a guitar that i don’t know how to play.
My cord management has since improved, I swear.

My cord management has since improved, I swear.

Super Nintendo! TV, Laptop, Xbox360 has since moved up to the desk. You can see the difference between the sides of my room. Busy on one side, tranquil on the other. Duality…Dual I Ty…
Freakonomics and Culture Jam were eye-openers. James Joyce is a poet!

Freakonomics and Culture Jam were eye-openers. James Joyce is a poet!

If you’re into classic gothic horror, read The Monk.

I’ve read 90% of the books in my possession. Here, The English Passengers and Green Grass Running Water, are unread books from a Colonial Fiction course I took. I think I never read them because the professor was a bitch. She read from a book one day and must have said ‘nigger’ fifteen times. Meanwhile there are only two black people in the class, me and this girl (Darlene I miss you). I reamed her ass after the class emptied out and she issued an official apology the next class. What a cunt…

Moving along…

Some of the pics didn’t go where I wanted them to, so here is the gallery of them all, I’m still trying to perfect my use of this site. Bear (grrrr) with me. lol


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  1. You are a first class nerd, here here! Nice work.

  2. Thank you sir. You are a gentleman and a scholar.

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