Oh! That was original!?????

Why do things we hear too often piss us off?

For example, a song that sounds like shit the first time you hear it, then grows on you, then is played out, annoys the hell out of you whenever you hear it from then on because you can hardly believe you liked a song that so popular in the mainstream.  Lil Wayne? Lollipop, nah son, NAH! I don’t fuck with that Lollipop shit. <—-Lies

Another example of being pissed off from hearing the same shit over and over.

My name is Tyrone.

People think – thanks Erykah Badu – that it is clever to sing that song to me.  White people – I love you – especially like to break out into “you betta caaaaaallll Tyyroooooooooone”. Maybe they are hoping for a homeboy handshake/hug or a dap/pound or a head nod to their not at all obscure or clever reference. Ah! fuckouttahere!

Another example, I’m tall – at least by your midget ass standards.

Why because (great form Black) I’m tall I have to play basketball?

“How tall are you?” they ask

6’4″ I reply

“Wow you should be playing basketball…” They say.

….like the rest of your people do.



I love basketball, and did play competitively for quite a while – up to university level – and I was pretty good. But an educated, somewhat good-looking, tall, ambitious, young black man is capable of more than just one thing.
Let Kobe do that thing, I have something else in mind. With less running involved. 🙂
You know that first thought you have when you see me? When your brain registers: big black guy. Throw that thought out the window. And approach me on some real shit.  Ask me what my favorite literary period was. Or what I thought of Zack and Miri make a porno. Just come correct. Shit is tiring, dealing with the same conversation over and over, trying MY best to keep it fresh.
“I’m not tall, you’re just short.”  or  I’ll sing back “You need to stop singing that soooooonnng” or just blankly stare at your starving-for-a-laugh-face until you realize you are not hilary – no clinton.
I suppose my real beef, under a microscope, is with pop culture, and how it turns people into zombies. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! ijuswannaslapuindeefacesometimes!
Stay Classy Internet,
Come from your own heart with this shit like I said in PSA2,
And by the gracious goddess vishnu, PLEASE!
Tuck in your shirt,
Black Ty.

D’oh! a deer! a female deer!

On the way home from work just now, I almost hit not one but two deer.  The tires on my car are shit first of all, and I wasn’t even looking at the road (HEART LAKE ROAD) while I was speeding home. I was busy switching my ipod from Sam Roberts – Taj Mahal to The Game – L.A.X. Files.  I listened to both songs in full by the way, I just like to switch when after the last verse has been sang/spat. When I looked up I had to start dodging. I am lucky and so are those deer. Just last week I almost hit a rabbit running across the street. Maybe I should move to the city before I kill one of these beautiful creatures.

Bambi and Thumper

Bambi and Thumper

Merry Christmas Charlie Brown.

A comment on one of my posts reminded me of how much I loved all the Christmas specials that come on TV around this – the most wonderful – time of year.

A Christmas Story is hands down my favorite. Here’s a short clip of one of the many classic scenes:

And since we’re on the subject of X-mas, here’s what I want/have already received as early gifts both from others and from myself 🙂

1. Yoga Mat : I tried yoga for the first time this past weekend…all I can say is wow…not as easy as I thought


My Yoga Mat...and the calibur women it will soon attract 😛

2. New Blazers: My favorite model of Nike shoe, I just copped these last week.



3. Some Good Books: So I can see how mine compares to what’s considered ‘good’. Here’s what’s on’s my’s holiday’s wish list’s:

The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway

The Gone-Away World by Nick Harkaway

INDIGNATION by Philip Roth tha Bawwwwwssssss

INDIGNATION by Philip Roth tha Bawwwwwssssss

4. Video Games for XBOX360:

Spider-Man Web of Shadows

Spider-Man Web of Shadows




That’s not asking for too much is it?

I’d also like the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.

NOW I might be asking for too much…

Seasons Greetings Internet,

Try to Stay Classy over the Holidays, know when that next rhum infused slice of black cake or egg nog is too much

Tuck in your christmas sweaters!

Black Ty

B! from V magazine

B! from V magazine

PSA 2 : What’s the Difference between us?

Before you go and take this post too seriously, listen to the intro on disc 2 of the Wu-Tang Clan’s FOREVER album…enjoy

Yo one two, one two,

yo, live in effect,

You got the King Ruler Vigor-I-Allah, commonly known to y’all as the Rigga.

Now before I go on to a new post, of TBTaffairs

I’m sayin, I wanna give y’all a little announcement, man

For the last year, there has been a lot of literature coming out that’s been weak, gnahmsayin?

A lotta niggaz try to take writing and make that shit B&B: bloggin’ bullshit! gnahmsaying?

Or make that shit funk, FUCK DAT! This is writing right here.

This is RIGHTing right here.

This is Rock and Roll right here.

Black Ty gonna bring it to you in the purest form.

I got Chew on my side, the mastermind
Mars the God,
Sio the silent assassin
The 21st Global Royal Fam
Funk Doctor Proctor
The Spades Club: Foley, M-dolla, Dre and Diez
my nigga Luca and the whole uni squadron

Yo, we wanna let y’all niggaz know something man
All my people around the world, Trinidad, Jamaica, all of the West Indies, Canada, America, Africa, Europe,
Japan, Asia, Russia, Special should to Paris Louise (mon dieu!)  and Rotterdam Amanda (d@!)

yo! These are true words written here. In the purest form.
This ain’t no B&B with a wack writer taking the loot*

I’m writing this shit thinking its gonna be a reflection of the culture, gnahmsayin

all that player bullshit!

all that player, dressing up, acting like this is some kind of fashion show, man, gnahmsayin

This is Hip Hop right here, gnahmsayin. This is lyrics. writing

eh, yo, to y’all niggaz thinkin you gonna become a writer over night? gnahmsayin
You better snap out that fuckin dream man, it takes years for this

you cat in the hat ass writers, you doctor seuss, mother goose…simple minded

 stop running up on niggaz with all that wack shit!

word up man

talking bout you’re a writer

you ain’t no writer. niggaz ain’t made for this, gnahmsayin. this here was only built for cuban linx. 21st told y’all niggaz back then, now everybody and their mother wanna write, gnahmsayin

We come out with a style, everybody wanna imitate our style

To my fellow bloggers, writers, poets, rappers, you are my peers, I salute you, and it’all good to show love to a nigga…

But stop biting my shit! gnahmsayin

Come from your own heart with this shit

And y’all Mr. Me Too’s stop biting my niggaz.  I know we’re the flyest gangtaz, but fall back, gnahmsayin? I’m sayin

I told y’all niggaz on the fuckin PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT post to stop biting my shit

y’all niggaz keep biting, gnahmsayin

hey let me tell y’all niggaz somethin, man

it’s Time for a World Revolution right here,

So to all my brothers and sisters across the world.

raise the mutha fucking fist in the air

and get ready for the triumph

cuz the God is here to take over this shit

They comment on your legs, and they comment on MY mind. It’s a Recession, err body broke. So I just came back, to give err body hope.

Word ^

That’s all for now, I have to work on  my book, so…
Tuck in your shirt,



Bobby Digital “I get computers putin”

What does it mean to get computers putin? I dunno, ask Cam’ron.

To me it means that you are tech-savvy.

I have a formal computer science education, that I halted in my second year of univesity to pursue more creative pastures.

I understand how computers think. That makes working almost any electronic device a synch for me.

Any operating system, Digital Cameras, Ipods, Phones, PDAs, Printers, Faxes, Scanners, Stereo Systems, DVD players…err ting my yout, err ting!

I got it down.

When it comes to working online, I get what I want, when I want, in terms of movies, music, television shows, books etc. In this sense you might think I am being a pirate. Well yo ho ho and a bottle half full of Angostura 1919 Rhum.

I may sample a lot online, but if something is really good, I will add it to my collection. And my collection, is substantial.

Under the links section on my blog you can find some sites that will help you filter through what is good and what is trash, simply by making everything that is out there available to you.

Right now, I have a 30GB ipod video, a BlackBerry Bold, a Canon Digital Elph 7.0mp camera, a Toshiba Satellite special edition Laptop, two external hard drives (250GB and 500GB) and an xbox360. I can store, view, and listen to all kinds of media on all of my devices.

I also walk with my 2GB usb key at all times just in case. On it I have the writing projects I am currently working on. It reminds me that I should be working or at least be thinking about the story in my head. It also allows me to go into the Apple  store or any computer cafe if I have to and print or make edits, although I can just edit my stories on my BBerry.

Technology has made our lives so much easier. But while it functions to connect distant spots on the globe it also threatens to disconnect us from the physical interactions we can enjoy outside the comforts of our tech-savvy abodes.

It is crucial to balanced living, that you do not allow your tech to consume you. Remember the call of the wild.

“There is a pleasure in the pathless woods;
There is rapture on the lonely shore;
There is society, where none intrudes,
By the deep sea, and music in its roar:
I love not man the less, but Nature more…” – Lord Byron


Heart Lake Conservation Area Bike Ride

Heart Lake Conservation Area Bike Ride

Stay classy Internet,


The Eternal Hip Hop Fan

Hip Hop, started out in the park…

Well for me it started in the basement of my old house.

I was about 9 or 10 years old when I remember Hip Hop really touching my heart.  My eldest brother had moved his bed and things to the basement to get away from the watchful eyes of our Trinidadian parents.

I remember wondering what he did down there and in typical younger brother fashion, I would sneak into his room when he wasn’t home and go through all of his things. I found the typical stuff that anyone might find in a 20-something year old’s room. Two of my favorite things in there were were the black porno magazines (a welcome change from my Dad’s white dominated magz) and his football equipment. It must have been 1991 or 92 , maybe even 93, and one of the first things I would do, apart from flip through pics of big booty babes wearing cop uniforms and put on his football helmet, would be to play with his state of the art stereo-system.

He didn’t have any of my favorites in there, which at the time was pretty much anything Michael Jackson, but he did have all these weird CDs like Kurs one, Lons, an album with a kids face on it, an album with naked cartoon ladies riding a roller coaster, another album with weird album swiggly-line album art, and another one with a bunch of masked ninjas on the cover.

Each of the albums had a black and white stamp on the cover reading parental advisory.  I knew at the time that I wasn’t allowed in big brother’s room, and I sure as hell knew that looking at naked women wasn’t allowed, but I knew i liked it and figured that I might just like this other stuff that was clearly stamped not for young children.

I popped in the CDs, one by one, listening to them from start to finish, not all at once because I often had to run out of the room, but I always went back to finish what I started. Little did I know that I was solidifying a love for a genre of music that would last a lifetime.

After studying the album booklets, I learned that Lons or L.O.N.S., stood for Leaders of the New School “Charlie Charlie go Charlie, Go Busta Busta go Busta, Go Dinco Dinco go Dinco, You know we got style!”, I didn’t really get into Pharcyde at the time but I liked that ‘”she keeps on passing me by!” song because I could identify with not knowing how to tell that girl at school that I liked her; the artwork also appealed to my growing libido. Nas (which I pronounced Nass) told me that life was a bitch and then you die, and that was why he got ‘high’, which at the time I guessed meant ‘have fun’. Nas also told me that the world was mine, which gave me a sense of inherited wealth and entitlement. I’m not sure when I learned how to pronounce Nas, but I know that I didn’t learn how to pronounce Krs-1 for while; I thought it stood for ‘curse one’ or something, on account of all the profanity.

The album with the swiggly lines was A Tribe Called Quest’s Midnite Marauders. The subject matter was a bit heavy for me at the time, seeming more lyrical than any of the others, but dope beats like that found on Award Tour kept me coming back for more. It was cool for me to recognize at the time that Busta Rhymes, then of L.O.N.S., was to be heard on this album as well on the track Oh My God. Yes! OH MY GOD! The best part of this album to me, back then, was the strange robotic woman’s voice.

Now that I remember, I also discovered The Nortorious B.I.G. in my brother’s collection. No Tupac tho. Subsequently, I landed on the East coast side when it came to that whole over-blown beef.

And then there was that album with the scary looking ghostfaced ninjas on the cover. Enter the 36 Chambers, Wu-Tang Clan.

“M-E-T…H-O-D…MAN! ”


The energy on this album, above all the others, immediatly captured and ensnared me. I fell in love. It was cool as fuck. It was nothing to fuck with. Sounds of martial artists fighting at the beginning and end of each song!? Wicked! As I would have said back then.

The next step for me was digging into my brothers Kung-Fu movie collection and then his anime collection. He put me on rap, and then rap put me on Kung-Fu and Japanese animation.

But I digress.  In a time when everyone lied to me, told me everything was sweet, these Wu-Tang niggaz brought the mutha-fuckin Ruckus! These guys talked about Voltron on their album. They were clearly speaking directly to me son!

“You can’t test me and you can’t test my style!” It was also speaking to my soon to be rebellious teenage self.

They also showed me that it was ok to slow it down, and reminisce, with Can It Be All So Simple. I had a pretty decent childhood, especially compared to these guys, but without getting into specifics, I had strict parents, and I could identify with longing for days that weren’t as rough as others.  LOL, as I write this I swear, my Dad just came into the room and started doing this lame jig dance to Can It Be, LMAO.

I remember when he found out that I was listening to this music. Things weren’t so funny back then. LOL, but we can laugh now.

True story: my parents came back from a trip to New York one year. (This is years after I already fell in love with rap) I was still officially not allowed to listen to it according to my parents. Anyway, when they came back, I think I might have been in grade 8, they handed my brother and I a tape each. One was Sons of Man, the other was Killarmy; two of Wu-Tang’s spinoff groups. He then proceeded to show us pictures that he took with Killah Priest. Only my Dad LOL. He told us that Priest was a good young man, and that he and his brothers were about black unity and the pursuit of knowledge and prosperity through positive means. My Dad didn’t elaborate at the time, but now I assume Priest spat some of that then still popular God-Body stuff about the black-man being God. Convinced that the overall message of rap was positive, although sometimes vulgar, my Dad decided, after we promised not to use the language ourselves, that the Wu was good for his sons.

Today, I am still a die hard Wu-Tang Clan fan; owning all their albums in original cases. I went on to love all their solo LPs as well. I eventually learned how to pronounce KRS1 and learned what Nas meant about getting high and what Method Man meant about a 40 (ewww, thank God that phase didn’t last long).

Last month I went to where Hip Hop all started. New York City. Wow! The energy in that city. It wasn’t my first time there, I had been many times when I was younger, before I discovered rap, and still thought cops were cool.  “Holla if you ever been placed in hand-cuffs!” – The late great J.Dilla.  

But yeah, I went there to contact a few literary agencies, but wanted to catch a cool live hip hop show if I could. I suppose I went with the wrong people. I had a chance to see a Pharoe Monch performance and instead did some bullshit that left a sour taste in my mouth. Best parts of the trip were a walk through of Central Park, a three hour shopping spree in Strand Book Store, and dinner and drinks at the Jay-Z owned Spotted Pig.

But back to Hip Hop, the subject of this here post; the thing that I love the most. Maybe not the most, but I had to rhyme that cuz 36 Chambers is still bumping the background as I write this.

Some of the people I talked to there, were on some shit that really erked me. Saying Hip Hop was dead and shit. Saying that nobody was saying anything anymore. Saying nothing was original anymore. Everything was cookie cutter music. Yet when I asked these cats if they had heard of J.D, Slum Village, Little Brother, 9th wonder, Killer Mike, Saigon, Blu, Charles Hamilton, Kid they looked at me with blank faces.  They even, like those old haters of Jay-Z, said Jeezy and The Game had nothing to offer Rap. Shame on you if you think that too.

To me Hip Hop will never die, not simply because I can always go back and listen to the classics (“cuz I find myself in a place where I’m last seen” – Ghostface) but because like when I was 9 or 10 or 11 in 91 or 92 or 93, I went and looked, searched, and found the real.

To this day, I do that. I go and look for quality rap. Because I love it, and can’t listen to the bastardized shit they play over and over on the radio. And when the wells dry up I go back and listen to the classics, or take a break from rap and Jazz it up or use Rock and Roll to hold it down.

One of these guys knew who MF Doom was, which impressed me. But I was just pissed that these guys, who claimed to be fans of the music, didn’t know J.D.!!! I’m sorry but that is inexcusable for any devout Hip Hop fan. My brother, now almost 40 knows J.D. because he loves this artform, and still goes out and looks for the real.

Now if you will excuse me, “I’m about to go get lifted, yes I’m about to go get a lifted…I got myself a 40, I got myself a shorty!”

Nah, I”m playing I’m off to work. I wish I had a shorty 😦

“Question…what exactly is a panty raider?” – Method Man


Stay classy Internet.

“The World Is Yours” Nas put me on Scarface too. Rap introduced to so many things. You like their samples so much that you go and get the originals and that opens you up to even more art. DAMN I LOVE HIP HOP! I just wanna scream that from the top of mountain! lol

Coalition Government? Legal coup d’etat?

An ominous image of the man who started this movement. Our last great PM. Image used courtesy of cbc.ca (c)

An ominous image of the man who started this movement. Our last great PM. Image used courtesy of cbc.ca (c)

I thought we were in Canada, not some war-torn region of the world.

I don’t know a lot about Law, but I like to think I understand the basic principles of Democracy.

What the hell is going on? There might not be guns or RPGs involved in this coup, but it just as crude and un-democratic. They, the Liberals, New Democrats, and Bloc separatists from Quebec, have spiced up their usurping of the Canadian throne by calling it a ‘coalition’. Kinda like the handfulls of self-proclaimed freedom fighters around the world who are also called terrorists.

This is not to say that I approve of the current leadership in Canada. On the contrary, I think Stephen Harper is a remnant of a long gone conservative sentiment in this part of the civilized world.  Actually, Harper, a few years back when his party was in opposition, was in talks with the Bloc to form a coalition of his own. That didn’t go through, but it shows you that he is not innocent in this, and that in fact, all politians play dirty. So don’t let Harper fool you now with all his talk of this coalition being “tantamont to treason”.

To further illustrate Harper’s hypocrisy, I can reference a time when his party was again in opposition and attacked the Liberals with accusations of excessive spending on private jet trips around the country.  And only two months ago an investigative report in the Toronto Star, using the Freedom on Information Act, revealed that Harper spends even more on flights (tax payer money) than the Liberals did when in office.

Politics is a dirty game.

Down south they have moved on by electing not only electing their first African-American to the office of President, but they have brought back the diplomacy-first muscle-second democrats.

Canada needs to follow suit, but this is the wrong way.  It is ugly. It is messy. I hope this does not come back to bite Canada in the ass. I hope in this case the means are justified.

Canadian politics have been boring as of late…who knows, maybe this will do us some good.

p.s. What does our Governor General do besides look good? Damn girl!

She like every other Canadian knows what is best for us. But will she allow us to go about doing the right thing in a wrong way?

Michaëlle Jean, like every other smart Canadian knows what is best for us. But will she allow us to go about doing the right thing in a wrong way?

Stay Classy Canada.
Black Ty

Question 1 Bros over Hoes/Chicks over Dicks

Ladies and Gentlemen of the eJury.

I pose to you an age old question of whether it is ever ok for a friend to have relations with a friend’s ex. Well is it ok? Ever?

Those of us who follow a less than absolute moral code will instantly say that their are exceptions to the rules of bro’s over hoes, and chicks over dicks.

The exceptions are as follows:

  1. Your friend didn’t date this girl or guy for a long time (one or two night stand)
  2. The relationship between your friend and their ex wasn’t serious (highschool fling, no sex)
  3. Your friend and their ex have been broken up for an extended period of time (This time period is relative, but the longer the better)
  4. I’m running out of excuses
  5. The girl/guy is too hot for you to turn down
  6. Real, and I’m talking genuine feelings, not just lusty-I-wanna-be-on- you-feelings, are shared between you and your friend’s ex
  7. Your friend has given you the ‘all clear’ for landing
  8. It was just a one night stand for you and your friend’s ex, and it will never happen again, and #’s 1, 2, or 3
  9. you’re not really that close of a friend to this guy/girl

Out of all the exceptions listed above (let me know if you can think of any more) the seventh is of paramount importance.

Also, you must use your own discretion and common sense. Your friend, feeling awkward about you even asking to for the all clear, might just say that he or she doesn’t care when in fact they actually do.

As crude as Bros over Hoes over Chicks over Dicks sounds, it references one of the most important bonds any of us can share with another human being: Friendship.

And before you proceed to answer this age old question, you must consider what is more important to you; your friend’s feelings, or your own gratification.

Quite the conundrum, n’est-ce pas?

Until next time,

Tuck in your shirt and please try to stay classy Internet,

Yours Cooly,

Black Ty

Collision Course – 1 page screenplay

This is a 1-page screenplay I wrote for a competition I entered.

My critics say the end was too cliche. I hope this happens to them >:-)



Collision Course


Black Ty





ANONIMOUS MAN sleeping in a bed. His eyes open. He is awake. Sirens blare outside. He can hear people shouting. His mind starts racing with questions. All of which he asks himself aloud while laying on his back.


Why is it so damn hot in here? Where the hell am I? How did I get here? What’s with the sirens? Did I go out last night? Whose bed am I in? This is not my apartment. Those are not my posters on the wall. These are definitely not my pink sheets. Why am I just in my boxers and socks? Where are my clothes?

He sits up in the bed and tries to make sense of his situation, looking around the room for his pants. He notices that the television is on. The volume is low. It’s the news. A FEMALE REPORTER is saying something that seems important.


Hmmm…I usually fall asleep watching porn.

He isn’t able to make out what she is saying before the sudden change in altitude throws him into a mental maelstrom.


Whoa! How many roofies was I fed last night? My head is pulsating violently; pounding against the walls of my skull as if something were trying to get out.

He lays back down in the bed, rubbing his temples and wincing in pain.


What’s with those damn sirens? Whatever’s going on it is close because I can see the lights flashing in the window. I think I just heard a scream but I’m sure I’m wrong.

He looks down his nose at the television.


Why does it seem like the news is on a continuous loop? She sounds scared. Is she just saying the same thing over and over again? Or am I just that ruined? What’s this in the bed beside me? Is it my cell phone?

As his fingers take hold of it, he is momentarily relieved with the thought of being able to call for help.


No, it’s just the remote control for the T.V. Let me turn this up a little and hope my head doesn’t explode.

He sits up slowly, resting his back on the bed head. He turns up the volume. The reporter is fighting back sobs as she delivers some very bleak news. His mind stops racing with questions; he is focused on what she has to say.

His first instinct is to dismiss this as another media spectacle in which empathy is feigned for more compelling television.

Then he hears what she is saying.




Rhyme clout

My bars are all out of wack…wrote this maybe 4 years ago


I can’t always live for today

Because I’m fighting for change

And I’ll be damned if I have all my tomorrows be the same

So what’s really living for today then?

Is it just blazin and drinkin and till you wavin

good-bye through the hazin of the ways in

which you once thought

holmie don’t get caught

because that’s their plot

mental slavery for the babies to keep us in one spot

what happened to the Black Panthers?

The WeatherMan UnderGround?

in my search for answers

this here is what I found


Rage against the machine

Sidious was right, your anger gives you focus

It makes you stronger

you have fear you have hate but you don’t use them

you rather drown your pain and ignore revolution

so steadily its your body your abusing

but that’s the temple that soul moves in

tomorrow’s not promised, there’s truth in

that statement, but its an abatement

a natural detterent from the justice current


Like breaking up with the only girl you ever loved

Life’s a bitch then God must be a pimp up above


Niggaz still getting gats up in the club when they trying to

so keep your head on a swivel cuz these slugs they will find you

More times squeezing over infidelity and snitches

cuz their are two distinct kinds of bitches after your figures

ones with big butts who can’t keep they legs shut

and ones with no heart who squeal when they get caught

if info or ass was gas or basketball,

both kinds of bitches would not hesitate to pass it all

john stockton with the beast they getting mad assists

one year down the line, jake still cuffing your wrists

you hear the noise of backwards boyz who rat for toyz

taking a plea bargain like there was no other choice

stick to the code of the street and know your true enemy



 …and then it ends


apologies in advance for the language

and yes ladies, there is a difference between bitches and sisters.