A poem about hearts

I wrote this a couple years ago, just found it, thought i’d share…

^great album, in stores now!

^great album, in stores now!

hearts, i’ve even broken a few
betrayed her’s and her trust
they were hurt and lied to
but only becuz mine was broken too
that should easily justify
the reason i was just the guy
who just gave you warmth
in just the right
way you liked it on the side
stallions you were quite the ride
but climbing back down’s
when sobreity’s found
where truth shines on blind eyes
and no soul can find shade
from rays that blast away
the mind’s haze
it is now that i thirst
completely distracted
after physical satisfaction
for a shared love
deeper than the wells of inaction
she dwells in a dark place
my lies cover my face
without her eyes to gaze into
all the earth’s beauty knows winter
no snow angel or sled
can mend my unnatural splinter
so i leave you alone
on a defiled lusty throne
knowing i’ve done you wrong
and walk alone
down a sunlit road
hoping that from a shadow
my lady will stroll
cross my path
and help me unfold
the greatest of love stories
whenever told
hearts, i’ve been true to a few


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