Rhyme clout

My bars are all out of wack…wrote this maybe 4 years ago


I can’t always live for today

Because I’m fighting for change

And I’ll be damned if I have all my tomorrows be the same

So what’s really living for today then?

Is it just blazin and drinkin and till you wavin

good-bye through the hazin of the ways in

which you once thought

holmie don’t get caught

because that’s their plot

mental slavery for the babies to keep us in one spot

what happened to the Black Panthers?

The WeatherMan UnderGround?

in my search for answers

this here is what I found


Rage against the machine

Sidious was right, your anger gives you focus

It makes you stronger

you have fear you have hate but you don’t use them

you rather drown your pain and ignore revolution

so steadily its your body your abusing

but that’s the temple that soul moves in

tomorrow’s not promised, there’s truth in

that statement, but its an abatement

a natural detterent from the justice current


Like breaking up with the only girl you ever loved

Life’s a bitch then God must be a pimp up above


Niggaz still getting gats up in the club when they trying to

so keep your head on a swivel cuz these slugs they will find you

More times squeezing over infidelity and snitches

cuz their are two distinct kinds of bitches after your figures

ones with big butts who can’t keep they legs shut

and ones with no heart who squeal when they get caught

if info or ass was gas or basketball,

both kinds of bitches would not hesitate to pass it all

john stockton with the beast they getting mad assists

one year down the line, jake still cuffing your wrists

you hear the noise of backwards boyz who rat for toyz

taking a plea bargain like there was no other choice

stick to the code of the street and know your true enemy



 …and then it ends


apologies in advance for the language

and yes ladies, there is a difference between bitches and sisters.






3 Responses

  1. What’s the difference between a sister and a bitch? I dare you to answer me. I double dog dare you!

    I’ve heard the song before so I know [where to find] the lines.

  2. :O now this is serious…
    a double-dog-dare…

    what else is left but a triple-dare-you?
    and finally the coup de grace of all dares…

    where’s flick?

  3. ok, so I won’t avoid the question anymore.

    I think any woman has the potential to be a sister and a bitch at any given moment in their lives. No one is perfect. Bitches and sisters are the same species…unfortunately 😉

    Just like I’m sure some women think I’m a pig or a dog or a prick, or whatever other name you can call a guy when he’s acting outtaddah.

    Truth is – as I see it anyway – we are all slaves to our own capacity for duality. Some just have the strength to lean toward the righteous the most, while others revel in the simple pleasures of being bad and the only semblance of good in them is the occasional guilty conscience.

    I strive to find peace within my own duality; unleashing my not so good side only to conquer other evils and never to hurt the innocent or myself…ever again.

    Please keep in mind I wrote that ‘rap’ about 4 years ago. I like to think I have grown since then and gained some added perspective.

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