Coalition Government? Legal coup d’etat?

An ominous image of the man who started this movement. Our last great PM. Image used courtesy of (c)

An ominous image of the man who started this movement. Our last great PM. Image used courtesy of (c)

I thought we were in Canada, not some war-torn region of the world.

I don’t know a lot about Law, but I like to think I understand the basic principles of Democracy.

What the hell is going on? There might not be guns or RPGs involved in this coup, but it just as crude and un-democratic. They, the Liberals, New Democrats, and Bloc separatists from Quebec, have spiced up their usurping of the Canadian throne by calling it a ‘coalition’. Kinda like the handfulls of self-proclaimed freedom fighters around the world who are also called terrorists.

This is not to say that I approve of the current leadership in Canada. On the contrary, I think Stephen Harper is a remnant of a long gone conservative sentiment in this part of the civilized world.  Actually, Harper, a few years back when his party was in opposition, was in talks with the Bloc to form a coalition of his own. That didn’t go through, but it shows you that he is not innocent in this, and that in fact, all politians play dirty. So don’t let Harper fool you now with all his talk of this coalition being “tantamont to treason”.

To further illustrate Harper’s hypocrisy, I can reference a time when his party was again in opposition and attacked the Liberals with accusations of excessive spending on private jet trips around the country.  And only two months ago an investigative report in the Toronto Star, using the Freedom on Information Act, revealed that Harper spends even more on flights (tax payer money) than the Liberals did when in office.

Politics is a dirty game.

Down south they have moved on by electing not only electing their first African-American to the office of President, but they have brought back the diplomacy-first muscle-second democrats.

Canada needs to follow suit, but this is the wrong way.  It is ugly. It is messy. I hope this does not come back to bite Canada in the ass. I hope in this case the means are justified.

Canadian politics have been boring as of late…who knows, maybe this will do us some good.

p.s. What does our Governor General do besides look good? Damn girl!

She like every other Canadian knows what is best for us. But will she allow us to go about doing the right thing in a wrong way?

Michaëlle Jean, like every other smart Canadian knows what is best for us. But will she allow us to go about doing the right thing in a wrong way?

Stay Classy Canada.
Black Ty

Question 1 Bros over Hoes/Chicks over Dicks

Ladies and Gentlemen of the eJury.

I pose to you an age old question of whether it is ever ok for a friend to have relations with a friend’s ex. Well is it ok? Ever?

Those of us who follow a less than absolute moral code will instantly say that their are exceptions to the rules of bro’s over hoes, and chicks over dicks.

The exceptions are as follows:

  1. Your friend didn’t date this girl or guy for a long time (one or two night stand)
  2. The relationship between your friend and their ex wasn’t serious (highschool fling, no sex)
  3. Your friend and their ex have been broken up for an extended period of time (This time period is relative, but the longer the better)
  4. I’m running out of excuses
  5. The girl/guy is too hot for you to turn down
  6. Real, and I’m talking genuine feelings, not just lusty-I-wanna-be-on- you-feelings, are shared between you and your friend’s ex
  7. Your friend has given you the ‘all clear’ for landing
  8. It was just a one night stand for you and your friend’s ex, and it will never happen again, and #’s 1, 2, or 3
  9. you’re not really that close of a friend to this guy/girl

Out of all the exceptions listed above (let me know if you can think of any more) the seventh is of paramount importance.

Also, you must use your own discretion and common sense. Your friend, feeling awkward about you even asking to for the all clear, might just say that he or she doesn’t care when in fact they actually do.

As crude as Bros over Hoes over Chicks over Dicks sounds, it references one of the most important bonds any of us can share with another human being: Friendship.

And before you proceed to answer this age old question, you must consider what is more important to you; your friend’s feelings, or your own gratification.

Quite the conundrum, n’est-ce pas?

Until next time,

Tuck in your shirt and please try to stay classy Internet,

Yours Cooly,

Black Ty