PSA 2 : What’s the Difference between us?

Before you go and take this post too seriously, listen to the intro on disc 2 of the Wu-Tang Clan’s FOREVER album…enjoy

Yo one two, one two,

yo, live in effect,

You got the King Ruler Vigor-I-Allah, commonly known to y’all as the Rigga.

Now before I go on to a new post, of TBTaffairs

I’m sayin, I wanna give y’all a little announcement, man

For the last year, there has been a lot of literature coming out that’s been weak, gnahmsayin?

A lotta niggaz try to take writing and make that shit B&B: bloggin’ bullshit! gnahmsaying?

Or make that shit funk, FUCK DAT! This is writing right here.

This is RIGHTing right here.

This is Rock and Roll right here.

Black Ty gonna bring it to you in the purest form.

I got Chew on my side, the mastermind
Mars the God,
Sio the silent assassin
The 21st Global Royal Fam
Funk Doctor Proctor
The Spades Club: Foley, M-dolla, Dre and Diez
my nigga Luca and the whole uni squadron

Yo, we wanna let y’all niggaz know something man
All my people around the world, Trinidad, Jamaica, all of the West Indies, Canada, America, Africa, Europe,
Japan, Asia, Russia, Special should to Paris Louise (mon dieu!)  and Rotterdam Amanda (d@!)

yo! These are true words written here. In the purest form.
This ain’t no B&B with a wack writer taking the loot*

I’m writing this shit thinking its gonna be a reflection of the culture, gnahmsayin

all that player bullshit!

all that player, dressing up, acting like this is some kind of fashion show, man, gnahmsayin

This is Hip Hop right here, gnahmsayin. This is lyrics. writing

eh, yo, to y’all niggaz thinkin you gonna become a writer over night? gnahmsayin
You better snap out that fuckin dream man, it takes years for this

you cat in the hat ass writers, you doctor seuss, mother goose…simple minded

 stop running up on niggaz with all that wack shit!

word up man

talking bout you’re a writer

you ain’t no writer. niggaz ain’t made for this, gnahmsayin. this here was only built for cuban linx. 21st told y’all niggaz back then, now everybody and their mother wanna write, gnahmsayin

We come out with a style, everybody wanna imitate our style

To my fellow bloggers, writers, poets, rappers, you are my peers, I salute you, and it’all good to show love to a nigga…

But stop biting my shit! gnahmsayin

Come from your own heart with this shit

And y’all Mr. Me Too’s stop biting my niggaz.  I know we’re the flyest gangtaz, but fall back, gnahmsayin? I’m sayin

I told y’all niggaz on the fuckin PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT post to stop biting my shit

y’all niggaz keep biting, gnahmsayin

hey let me tell y’all niggaz somethin, man

it’s Time for a World Revolution right here,

So to all my brothers and sisters across the world.

raise the mutha fucking fist in the air

and get ready for the triumph

cuz the God is here to take over this shit

They comment on your legs, and they comment on MY mind. It’s a Recession, err body broke. So I just came back, to give err body hope.

Word ^

That’s all for now, I have to work on  my book, so…
Tuck in your shirt,



One Response

  1. That was some insane shit!! I loved it. The flow was reeeee dicuh lussssss!! For real for real.

    Sooooo many great lines 🙂 Looks like the goons are out and it’s mercking (sp?) seasonnnnn

    Okie dokie… I’m out… doin’ that hip hop head bounce


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