D’oh! a deer! a female deer!

On the way home from work just now, I almost hit not one but two deer.  The tires on my car are shit first of all, and I wasn’t even looking at the road (HEART LAKE ROAD) while I was speeding home. I was busy switching my ipod from Sam Roberts – Taj Mahal to The Game – L.A.X. Files.  I listened to both songs in full by the way, I just like to switch when after the last verse has been sang/spat. When I looked up I had to start dodging. I am lucky and so are those deer. Just last week I almost hit a rabbit running across the street. Maybe I should move to the city before I kill one of these beautiful creatures.

Bambi and Thumper

Bambi and Thumper

One Response

  1. uhmm let’s do lunch.
    we work 10 minutes away from each other. :OP

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