Oh! That was original!?????

Why do things we hear too often piss us off?

For example, a song that sounds like shit the first time you hear it, then grows on you, then is played out, annoys the hell out of you whenever you hear it from then on because you can hardly believe you liked a song that so popular in the mainstream.  Lil Wayne? Lollipop, nah son, NAH! I don’t fuck with that Lollipop shit. <—-Lies

Another example of being pissed off from hearing the same shit over and over.

My name is Tyrone.

People think – thanks Erykah Badu – that it is clever to sing that song to me.  White people – I love you – especially like to break out into “you betta caaaaaallll Tyyroooooooooone”. Maybe they are hoping for a homeboy handshake/hug or a dap/pound or a head nod to their not at all obscure or clever reference. Ah! fuckouttahere!

Another example, I’m tall – at least by your midget ass standards.

Why because (great form Black) I’m tall I have to play basketball?

“How tall are you?” they ask

6’4″ I reply

“Wow you should be playing basketball…” They say.

….like the rest of your people do.



I love basketball, and did play competitively for quite a while – up to university level – and I was pretty good. But an educated, somewhat good-looking, tall, ambitious, young black man is capable of more than just one thing.
Let Kobe do that thing, I have something else in mind. With less running involved. 🙂
You know that first thought you have when you see me? When your brain registers: big black guy. Throw that thought out the window. And approach me on some real shit.  Ask me what my favorite literary period was. Or what I thought of Zack and Miri make a porno. Just come correct. Shit is tiring, dealing with the same conversation over and over, trying MY best to keep it fresh.
“I’m not tall, you’re just short.”  or  I’ll sing back “You need to stop singing that soooooonnng” or just blankly stare at your starving-for-a-laugh-face until you realize you are not hilary – no clinton.
I suppose my real beef, under a microscope, is with pop culture, and how it turns people into zombies. WAKE UP!!!!!!!!! ijuswannaslapuindeefacesometimes!
Stay Classy Internet,
Come from your own heart with this shit like I said in PSA2,
And by the gracious goddess vishnu, PLEASE!
Tuck in your shirt,
Black Ty.