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I don’t think a real music fan would want their favorite artists to keep putting out the same album over and over with the same sound stemming from the same inspirations.

Change is the only constant. Let the artists grow and continue to shine across broadened horizons.

I think “My Drive Thru” is a dope song, Pharrell made it suit himself, Santogold, and Julian. They were all at home on that track. That alone should prove that he is capable of producing this album.

However, being a Hip Hop fan first and foremost, I am not usually a fan of one producer producing a whole album. (unless its the RZA) I like a bunch of different collabo’s on one album; gives it that mixtape feel.  And then again, Pharrell did well producing Common’s latest album…so I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

I think it’s ignorant of some of you to ask “what does Pharrell know about The Strokes or Rock music?” He’s in the business of making music, I think it would be pretty obvious that his music collection crosses all genres and is more expansive than any of ours.

Hip Hop itself, which started off with looping records and using those samples to form beats, is probably the one genre that is open to so many other kinds of music because they started out simply borrowing from other artists, adding a beat, and rapping over the mix. I know that I myself have been introduced to many other artists just by listening to rap and reading the linear notes to see who they sampled.

Pharrell may be pigeon-holed into the hip hop genre by some, but he’s no DJ Premier; not gonna be scratching all over the album. If the Strokes let him produce the whole album, fear not, I’m sure the final product will be dope, Pharrell isn’t DJ Khaled;  not gonna work in a guest appearance from the likes of Rick Ross or I dunno…Gucci Mane.

That’s my piece.


For those of you who are not familiar with The Strokes, I strongly recommend you go out and buy all three of their albums. Tres dope!

Tuck in one side of that shirt and Stay classy Internet,

Black Ty