Straglers In The Night

She stopped me dead in my tracks

The track skipped a beat

I don’t need a beat

I need her in my bed sheets

You see her?

Over there?

With the natural black hair?

Looking so worldly

Paris to Providence

Puerto to Prague

synapses snap

inner dialogue…



I don’t know if you know me

I don’t know if you want to

I know I don’t know you

I know that I want to

But how do I know

If my true feelings are shown

That to bits, my heart won’t be blown

Dream about you, wake

and you’re gone without a trace

Feel in my soul

That with me is your place

I swear I

see heaven with every glance of your face

But until I muster up the gusto

to take a chance

to stop dreaming and snap out of this trance

with you

in lieu

of love

we shall never dance

I’m even scared to say this to you

because to me

intimidating equals beautiful

so I go over this in my head

inaction again instead

Am I willing to prove that all guys aren’t the same?

Where I want to be

Is by your side

dry your tears, help you conquer your fears

my arms always

open wide

surrendering my soul through

these few words

supple love verbs

we could be

a couple love birds

you and me

flying high

Come on Ty!

The dream is too grand

not to take a stand

not to attempt

to circumvent

my own fears

my own tears

and get in gear

and ask her now



To not be shy

to give love a try

to stand up tall

once and for all

to be a man

take her hand

squeeze it tight

fight for my right

finally tonight is the night

to have the right lover

damn I waited too long

she’s gone

the night’s over




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