Where the Wild Things At?



I bought this book for my honorary God-daughter’s birthday last weekend.

I had not seen the characters in this book in over 20 years, but I instantly recognized the illustrations from my distant memories as a young boy.

Books like ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, ‘The Hungry Catepillar’, and those like them have such powerful imagery that they can linger within your psyche for decades.

They also help to spark the imaginations of young minds like mine, who go on in life to create their own stories, their own magical characters, and fantasy worlds.

Village Roadshow, Warner Brothers, and Director Spike Jonze bring this memorable tale of the unchained imagination of a young boy to the big screen.

I love that they chose to use ‘real’ monsters as opposed to CGI; from what I see in the trailer (below) it lends a particularly genuine touch.

Adventure awaits!

Black Ty

Tip posted this on twitter, so I wrote some lyrics to it.

vroom i peel out, dust blocked by mudflaps they shooting on sesame, so i buss back up in the ghetto, i’m bumping heavy metal while sultry soft sax is causing treble on the level word to big bird, he be slapping da bass mudfoot slinging treats, hit my man in the face i swirve, hit curb, bruised instead of enthused fall out, ball out, and i’m making the news

boom went oscar on the organ to strike a cord
the wound was fatal, not be ignored
a little alliteration, absurd abstract
stay awake to ways of the world or out tap
shit is deep
cuz the treats, those were bullets from the tek
the beat, well, was a shotgun blast to the chest
and when all was said done i was the only one
not leaking from an organ, or a fcuking gun

for audio of me spitting on this beat click below:


Black Ty 😉

Creative Team

Key word: create.

It’s what we artists do.

I recently reminded myself of this and started doodling in my sketchbook again.

Two years ago I purchased a book entitled “How to Self-Publish Comics…Not Just Create Them” by Josh Blaylock.

I copied the set up the room in this pic

I copied the set up the room in this pic

(I also own “How to Write a Selling Screenplay” by Christopher Keane and “How to Write and Sell Your First Novel”)

HTSPCNJCT is a small book, only 127 pages in length, and an easy read.

The chapters were named in a straightforward way:

1)Building the infrastructure

2)Building Your Creative Team

3)Marketing and Promotion

4) Hitting the Pavement

Two years later and the comic book material is temporary shelved for a novel I am still re-working to this day.

Another one of my projects is an idea for a TV show, which my partner and I are meeting twice a week to discuss.

My acting coach Walter Alza (I say that knowing that I haven’t been back to class since 2008) once asked the beginner class I was in “Why do you want to be an actor?” A black girl with large breasteses answered “I want to be famous.”

As lame as I thought that sounded at the time, I had to appreciate her honesty.  Fame is such a vain pursuit though.

I answered the question with a story about how I wanted to give black actors more jobs.  If I could go back I would answer “I want express my self-proclaimed coolness.”

Ok, the POINT!

I see Judd Apotow and his gang and I think me and my boys could do better.  And by better I don’t just mean we can put a BET spin on things.

So I’m looking to align with people who are about that but from my hood.

Calling all Writers, let’s collab! Get Fab!

All artists, let’s create! Why waig? Move weight*

Separate we’re all good, but together we can be great.

Don’t let that Kanye line come into your head right now…”I might bounce ideas, but I don’t need writers, only I could come up with some shit like this”.

fuck that

I’m looking to assemble a team, we’ll call ourselves THE X-MEN…lol  j/k

I’m not looking to lead this group, I’m looking to set up roundtable discussions…we’ll call ourselved THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE…sorry

Writers, Actors, Artists, Musicians…producing together, creating art together…

I think it can be done.

Do you?

I have a few people in mind already…

*shows, plays, tv&film, parties?

Stay classy like Fred Glassy,

Black Ty

p.s. I need to go back to class.


I spit this through the wire
deli meat piled on the kaiser
no soze, the suspects are unusual
can’t help how they moving you
got you not doing you
watch how you adore them
cuz it’s so haaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrd
pause…to ignore them
We see some flying high off their whips and things
Held up by puppet strings not by angel wings
Forever fronting phonies muppet queens and kings
Yet we still want those toys too!
Your own jealousy annoys you.
Kill that noise dude!
That there’s what little girls and boys do.
You got a choice too!
Timbuktu wasn’t built overnight
Foundations were forged over life
Find the remedies for self-destructive tendencies
And then eventually events that were always meant to be
Will consequentally present themselves to thee
And then you too can measure
Your worth by how many bags ain’t pleather
And how often you can jet away to change the weather
But the true cost to be paid
To be the boss, floss, and get laid
whenever you want moss, stones stay, type made
Is the loss of heart that you impart
Into the causes that touch yo!
Before yo! touched dough
So Ty, when you feel uninspired, tired,
Unadmired, even undesired or just bleh
Remember the mission mother fucker and adjust step
Cuz doing the right thang might require you to turn left
Live on through the words lil’ brother and cheat death

[insert battle cry here]

Bliggity-Black Ty y’all!


It’s weird how someone’s opinion can throw you off your game so much.

I am feeling uninspired today.

Feeling like one of the millions of clones manufactured on Kubino to fight for the Old Republic, and newer Empire.

Not feeling very Jango Fett right now…ya dig?

I’m hoping Octavia E. Butler’s Kindred can stir something up…


Need a laugh?

Wanna have a laugh?

check out these two comedies

I swear by them

it is waaaaay better than i looks!

it is waaaaay better than it looks!

clip below. I’ve always been a Stifler fan.

better than the original?

better than the original?

Clip below

I am a huge Hamlet 1 fan, and would not say this is better, its just good old comedy fun.

Yes, it is Elisabeth Shue!

Keep Smiling, Stay Classy, and tuck in that blasted shirt!

Black Ty



Michael J. Fox, Elisabeth Shue, Christopher Lloyd as Doc


awww heck CLIP BELOW….will they have these shoes in 6 years?

Full Time Writer?

so tasty, where can i get a box?

so tasty, where can i get a box?

I got a fortune out of a cookie last weekend…what are the odds?

It read: “Your sly nature will get you out of a tight spot.”

Instantly, I knew of the tight spot I was in:  struggling and if not for family would-be starving artist.

I knew I was sly.  Heck I’ve always known that.  My father was nicknamed Fox growing up.  If you know me, or have seen me in action at a Black Ty Affair, you might call me Fox 2.0

(ir)Regardless of my at least self-acknowledged sly-foxiness, I did not know exactly how I would apply that cunning, wily nature to my current situation.

Still, the fortune in hand, I felt the will to power-up and out of my hole swell inside my heart; renewing a vigor I thought forever lost to me.

Right on cue, I’m set up with a exclusive meeting with poet, storyteller, writer, and educator (as her card clearly states ;-)) Michelle Muir.

My boy Steele – who hooked up the meeting – had told me Michelle was like the Oracle – which as he made a point to notice, made him Morpheus, and me Neo – but even with his warning, I was not prepared for the overwhelming abode of the proven wordsmith.

Books, CDs, Vinyl and Posters both current and vintage lined the walls, accompanied by masks and other sculptures indicative of that righteous Afrocentric Nature that I had always identified with.

A few social appetizers and drinks later, I had failed miserably (in my eyes) to explain what my book was about and come off as anything more than a fan, a phony, a fake, a pussy, a stan.  But I’m fairly hard on myself.

Michelle brightened things up with readings from two of her poems, both of which astounded me for their lyrical flow and force.  What a voice, I thought.

I remembered her saying earlier that she hosted a radio show, and now I had my proof.

I was taken aback by the whole night; even wondering to myself at the time just what my state of consciousness was, asleep or awake?

I did not sit back, mumble and jumble my words, while staring wide-eyed with mouth agape the whole night however, I did manage to take some useful notes from The Oracle’s advice on how to make it as a writer.

She did say the road is long, and that patience and persistence were vital to the journey.  “Don’t quit your day job.”  or in my case, “get a day job.” lol and make it one that you can love, even if just a little.

I am following up on her advice now, and already I am seeing ways that the sly-fox can maneuver so that he can live as he wants to live; as a full time writer.

The saga continues…

Tuck in your shirt and stay classy Internet,

Black Ty

special shouts and large ups go to my BFF YK, and Steele’s Mom and Sis, Kris and Steph…much love

Bat for Lashes – Daniel

in tradition of just posting videos…

why does the look of mascara running down here cheeks turn me on?