I spit this through the wire
deli meat piled on the kaiser
no soze, the suspects are unusual
can’t help how they moving you
got you not doing you
watch how you adore them
cuz it’s so haaaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrd
pause…to ignore them
We see some flying high off their whips and things
Held up by puppet strings not by angel wings
Forever fronting phonies muppet queens and kings
Yet we still want those toys too!
Your own jealousy annoys you.
Kill that noise dude!
That there’s what little girls and boys do.
You got a choice too!
Timbuktu wasn’t built overnight
Foundations were forged over life
Find the remedies for self-destructive tendencies
And then eventually events that were always meant to be
Will consequentally present themselves to thee
And then you too can measure
Your worth by how many bags ain’t pleather
And how often you can jet away to change the weather
But the true cost to be paid
To be the boss, floss, and get laid
whenever you want moss, stones stay, type made
Is the loss of heart that you impart
Into the causes that touch yo!
Before yo! touched dough
So Ty, when you feel uninspired, tired,
Unadmired, even undesired or just bleh
Remember the mission mother fucker and adjust step
Cuz doing the right thang might require you to turn left
Live on through the words lil’ brother and cheat death

[insert battle cry here]

Bliggity-Black Ty y’all!