Where the Wild Things At?



I bought this book for my honorary God-daughter’s birthday last weekend.

I had not seen the characters in this book in over 20 years, but I instantly recognized the illustrations from my distant memories as a young boy.

Books like ‘Where the Wild Things Are’, ‘The Hungry Catepillar’, and those like them have such powerful imagery that they can linger within your psyche for decades.

They also help to spark the imaginations of young minds like mine, who go on in life to create their own stories, their own magical characters, and fantasy worlds.

Village Roadshow, Warner Brothers, and Director Spike Jonze bring this memorable tale of the unchained imagination of a young boy to the big screen.

I love that they chose to use ‘real’ monsters as opposed to CGI; from what I see in the trailer (below) it lends a particularly genuine touch.

Adventure awaits!

Black Ty

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