Thursdays was the worst days…

It’s been a week off tha piff-la

since cock rock out like stiffla

a voice told me: “avoid the haze mista”

Saying more prayers than ever these days, i kiss the

Good Book, no Bible, talking the one I’m script of

funny how pain turns us all to well-wisha’s

well with uh…, I won’t miss her

Well with a – mere dollar fifty-nine to my name

creditors trying to knock me off my game

hater-bitches, yeah, they tryna do the same

I strive to recall the meaning of my name

so when I stand, and a young warrior remains

But naysayers seeding doubt

not feeling what I’m bout

trying to deny my clout

knock me off my current route

make me wanna Hulk out and smash sum shit

turn these pigs to sous, eat em, then pass a shit

Black Tyrone

…till I’m sipping champagne when I’m thirstay!

MALCOLM X DEBATE Oxford University Debate

Has much changed?

Sure we have a man who resembles Brother Malcolm in the Oval Office, but the heart of the system is still rotten at its core.

Poop Back and Forth. Forever.

This is hilariously weird.

I don’t know what it’s from yet, but I will find out and get back to you.

Please watch.

Stay classy Internutz,


ps. found it

Like a Boss – Lonely Island feat. Seth Rogen

shot out to bawwssss hawwwwg in Hamilton

Black Bo Ty…is it classy enough?