Powder Blue

since 7th Heaven

since 7th Heaven

Jessica Biel, maybe my biggest star crush (for a white girl) plays a stripper – reason enough to check this one out.  What you find though is more than just a great set of tits and an ass that refuses to quit.  Instead, you lose your boner rather quickly, as blood rushes back to your heart (figuratively speaking) because of the stellar acting, not only from Biel, but from an all star cast including Ray Liotta, Forest Whttaker, Kris Kristofferson, Lisa Kudrow, Patrick Fucking Swayze, and Sanaa Lathan.  Timothy Linh Bui writes and directs a powerful story wherein the characters are taught life lessons by coincidence from total strangers, who end up being the closest thing these people will ever know to family.

A touching film, with a great soundtrack that accentuates the moments meant to be most heartfelt.  If you ever loved and lost, and wondered if you’ll ever recover, find hope here, in a story that isn’t all happy, but still somehow leaves you with a tiny smile on your face.

I give this one 3.5 Bo-Ty’s out of 5.

Better than good.

Better than good.

And of course a special Chippendale’s rater for the immortal Patrick Swayze.

w/Chris Farley on SNL

w/Chris Farley on SNL

That should give you your boner back!

Stay Classy!

Una Pasion Secreta (The Reader)

Love and Lit

Love and Lit

I went into The Reader, not knowing what it was about. The title sounded boring enough, but all the Oscar nominations forced me into wanting to know what all the hoop-la was really about.

Within the first few minutes, three was female nudity. Always a good sign. And I had been a big fan of Kate Winslet, although I hated Titanic, I loved her in Little Children and Eternal Sunshine For the Spotless Mind.

“The notion of secrecy is central to western literature, you may say the whole idea of character is defined by people holding specific information which for various reasons, sometimes perverse, sometimes noble, they are determined not to disclose.” – says a young man’s professor. Shorty after the lecture the boy runs to his secret lover’s abode.

His lover’s interest in knowledge, her thirst for it after and before sex, enthralls her lover, and it left me, a self proclaimed although at times flighty and unfocused academic, equally mesmerized.

Sex and Books….sorry “Read to me first kid, then we make love.” Books and Sex…what a great fucking movie.

“Only one thing can make a soul complete, and that thing is love.”

As the film progresses, the characters find themselves entangled in their own storybook, complete with pain, strife, heartache, heartbreak, but theirs is a story that must relinquish all idealistic optimism, for it is based in the real world, and as we all know, “ain’t nothin nice” round hurr (especially in post WWII Germany). However, as always even in reality, there is a glimmer of hope, twinkling brightly in the heart of a new generation. Let’s hope they can get it right this time around.

4 out of 5 Bo-Ty’s.

Very Good Film

Very Good Film

And a special Spinners rater for a one of kind, love affair yeah…


Peep the trailer:


the art is the war

the art is the war

This movie is Ghost Dog meets Lock Stock.  While still mildly entertaining, I can’t help but think that UK gangster flicks should be left to the likes of Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn.   Needless gore, a horribly misplaced soundtrack and an unfocused plot-line accompany sub par acting in Clubbed, a story about being a bouncer, going through a divorce, child custody battles, male comradery, tsun tzu and the art of war, boxing, standing up to bullies…..etc, etc,… I give this movie 1.5 Bo-Ty’s out of 5 and that’s being bloody generous blokes. The poster says “DEVASTATING”, but the only thing left devastated after watching this was …i got nothing…the movie was bad is what I’m trying to say. Ok, here’s a better one, the poster says “Once your in, there’s no way out”, I humbly disagree, you can always press STOP.

barely better than bad

barely better than bad

And here’s a Johnny English rater 1) for being a bad knock off and 2) so you can say even Johnny English was better than this fertilizer.


Please don’t peep the trailer:

The Broken



Like that tag-line at the top of the poster says, this movie is a sure fire way to creep yourself out late at night.  Great suspense, great acting (Lena Headey stars alongside seasoned veteran Richard Jenkins) and great special effects.  When it comes to horror movies, I usually find myself rolling my eyes or just turning it off altogether.  The Broken kept me intrigued, on the edge of my seat, and down right disturbed from start to finish.  You’ll never look at a mirror in the same way again.  A hair-raising horror, I give it 3 and a half BoTy’s out of a possible 5.

Better than just good

Better than just good

And a Two-Face rater for the schizophrenia you will surely suffer from after you watch the film.


Peep the trailer:

The Burning Plain

From the Director of BABEL and 21 Grams

From the Director of BABEL and 21 Grams

Besides the obvious benefits of a nude Charlize Theron and semi-nude Kim Basinger, this movie has drama that will make you cringe and cry, feeling disgust and pity simultaneously for its main characters.  A touching tale of dysfunctional families, The Burning Plain reminds us that love always finds a way to blossom, even in a broken pot of dry, blood stained sand; in case you forgot that that could happen. I give it 3/5 Bo Ty’s, definitely worth a watch if you enjoy a unique story with unique characters.

A good flick

A good flick

With a special Tuxedo Mask rater for the feeling you get at the end of the movie.  tuxedo mask

Peep the trailer.



Find peace in stillness

And a chance to be reborn

Find calm in each storm


Her firm pillow lips

Her eyes full of tenderness

For this, I would kill

Donate a pint of blood to the battlefield

In competition

Victory is the mission

But tried is the prize

Mighty Pen

Savages I see

Human stains they will become

When my sword is unsheathed

My Centre

The House of Hado

Samurai, Jedi, Kal El

Bruce, X, Justice, Truth

the number 23

I suppose if you continue to look for something you will indeed find it.

You will find signs in whatever subject or object you can in order to reinforce an image you have in your mind.  You will create false prophecy around this thing you want so bad, until you either take what you want, let what society thinks deter you from pursuing it, or go insane from either rejection or inaction.

Obsession can contain passion.  And passion feels so right when you feel its ecstasy fully enrapture your being.  And even though society, your own concept of right and wrong, and even close friends and confidants all tell you what you already know to be the truth, you still ask yourself: how can something that feels so right, be so wrong.

The only conclusion I can come up with is that all our passion, our instincts, our feelings, are not all springing forth from righteous wells.  And it is upon us to make the necessary distinctions in order to save our souls from being blemished.

I find myself resenting my creator on occasion, for all the trials he puts us through.  Is it his fault that I want these things? Or should I take responsibility for what has molded me, even from my early years, and try…no there is no try…and do the right thing and find a way to put a positive spin on everything?

Surely the latter is the right thing to do.  But I just find myself trying instead, setting myself up for possible failure, because the idea of this failure, would be a victory for part of myself.

I against I.

There can only be one.

Black Ty, on the south side of the Island of Trinidad

on the wrong side of love