the art is the war

the art is the war

This movie is Ghost Dog meets Lock Stock.  While still mildly entertaining, I can’t help but think that UK gangster flicks should be left to the likes of Guy Ritchie and Matthew Vaughn.   Needless gore, a horribly misplaced soundtrack and an unfocused plot-line accompany sub par acting in Clubbed, a story about being a bouncer, going through a divorce, child custody battles, male comradery, tsun tzu and the art of war, boxing, standing up to bullies…..etc, etc,… I give this movie 1.5 Bo-Ty’s out of 5 and that’s being bloody generous blokes. The poster says “DEVASTATING”, but the only thing left devastated after watching this was …i got nothing…the movie was bad is what I’m trying to say. Ok, here’s a better one, the poster says “Once your in, there’s no way out”, I humbly disagree, you can always press STOP.

barely better than bad

barely better than bad

And here’s a Johnny English rater 1) for being a bad knock off and 2) so you can say even Johnny English was better than this fertilizer.


Please don’t peep the trailer:


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