The Burning Plain

From the Director of BABEL and 21 Grams

From the Director of BABEL and 21 Grams

Besides the obvious benefits of a nude Charlize Theron and semi-nude Kim Basinger, this movie has drama that will make you cringe and cry, feeling disgust and pity simultaneously for its main characters.  A touching tale of dysfunctional families, The Burning Plain reminds us that love always finds a way to blossom, even in a broken pot of dry, blood stained sand; in case you forgot that that could happen. I give it 3/5 Bo Ty’s, definitely worth a watch if you enjoy a unique story with unique characters.

A good flick

A good flick

With a special Tuxedo Mask rater for the feeling you get at the end of the movie.  tuxedo mask

Peep the trailer.

One Response

  1. Did you not think that while the film was intense and watchable, ultimately it was pretty forgettable?

    I’ve reviewed it on my blog with a 7/10 rating, but I’m thinking perhaps it’s more a 6/10 movie. Check the review out and let me know what you think.

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