Una Pasion Secreta (The Reader)

Love and Lit

Love and Lit

I went into The Reader, not knowing what it was about. The title sounded boring enough, but all the Oscar nominations forced me into wanting to know what all the hoop-la was really about.

Within the first few minutes, three was female nudity. Always a good sign. And I had been a big fan of Kate Winslet, although I hated Titanic, I loved her in Little Children and Eternal Sunshine For the Spotless Mind.

“The notion of secrecy is central to western literature, you may say the whole idea of character is defined by people holding specific information which for various reasons, sometimes perverse, sometimes noble, they are determined not to disclose.” – says a young man’s professor. Shorty after the lecture the boy runs to his secret lover’s abode.

His lover’s interest in knowledge, her thirst for it after and before sex, enthralls her lover, and it left me, a self proclaimed although at times flighty and unfocused academic, equally mesmerized.

Sex and Books….sorry “Read to me first kid, then we make love.” Books and Sex…what a great fucking movie.

“Only one thing can make a soul complete, and that thing is love.”

As the film progresses, the characters find themselves entangled in their own storybook, complete with pain, strife, heartache, heartbreak, but theirs is a story that must relinquish all idealistic optimism, for it is based in the real world, and as we all know, “ain’t nothin nice” round hurr (especially in post WWII Germany). However, as always even in reality, there is a glimmer of hope, twinkling brightly in the heart of a new generation. Let’s hope they can get it right this time around.

4 out of 5 Bo-Ty’s.

Very Good Film

Very Good Film

And a special Spinners rater for a one of kind, love affair yeah…


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