Breaking Upwards


....cuz breaking up is hard to do


Nothing is forever. Or so they say. Does that making forever, nothing? In the sense that staying together ain’t nuthin? Like there ain’t nothing to it, but to do it?

Who knows…

This is for lovers of independent, low-budget film. Set in the always scenic New York City, where all great sad romantic comedies find themselves, this Daryl Wein film does what all great sad romantic comedies do; make you absolutely miserable. I swear I’d move to NYC just to have those backdrops for a one of a kind love affair, yeah. [/earth wind and fire]

Unlike it’s naturalistic predecessors however, (I’m thinking of one movie in particular, but after reading it on another site’s review, I don’t want to say it here because I’m freaked out at the possibility that I think like everyone else and we’re all brainwashed zombies)Breaking Upwards does not hide what it is about. It’s right there in the title.  You’re in for a gut-wrencher.

This is an honest portrayal of relationship death. But what makes it worth the watch is the struggle the characters Zoe Lister-Jones (co-writer) and Daryl Wein go through to keep their fading spark alive. There is an undeniable feeling of love between them. So much so that I wasn’t surprised at all to read that this is an auto-biographical script. Thelove is there. They knew how precious it was to them. They fought to keep their bond alive. Ultimately, spoiler alert for those who haven’t been reading closely or who think the title is preshadowing of a surprise twist ending, they lose their fight to stay together and go separate ways. Great supporting cast, even better banter between them. (Julie White TRANSFORMERS, Andrea Martin G.I.L.F.?, Peter Friedman THE SAVAGES, LaChanze, Olivia Thirlby JUNO, Pablo Shreiber THE WIRE, Heather Burns BORED TO DEATH). Gotta love good acting, even when, and maybe especially when it makes you feel powerful emotion; sad or not.

But life goes on…

on to the next one and…

stay open, there’s still time for eloping

lightning could strike on sand.

Haven’t figured out how to edit images on Mackenzie yet, so I’ll put up my rating system at work – whenever I actually go back.

3.5/5 Black Ties.

There’s also a mildly amusing rap video to go along with the flick. Starring one of my favs O. Thirlby! “Tight!

Peep it.

hit the jump for much more amusing reggae video. (peace to the indian guy from Office Space break dancing)

Stay classy you f’n d-faced fs,


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