Room in Rome

loving strangers, one, upset – lourdes hernandez gonzalez
adam’s lulluaby – jocelyn pook
nel blu dipinto di blu –
contigo – saboya hernandez
video chicherina “tu-lu-la” – julia chicherina

as always with the films that I really adore, the music meshes perfectly with the scenes of this euro flavoured delight

a la top gun, they play the hell out of one song that fits the theme the best, but this ain’t no exhibition of male bravado

on the contrary, it is a homage to the female figure, to the woman’s trials, to the lady’s voice, to the little girl’s heartbreak

peep the trailer

based on the feature film “en la cam” written by julio rojas
directed by matias ice and produced by adrian solar

madrid and rome (filmed in)

tuscan wine, renaissance art, a hotel room high enough to have a view of Rome’s rooftops

two women find a love that lasts just a night and an evening, yet the part contently knowing that the memory will be theirs; a sweet secret, locked safely away in each other’s hearts, for ever more.

for lovers of love, language, of fine art, of romance, of skin.


4/5 black ty’s

with a special bond and bond girls rater because of the male fantasy that …well I don’t want to spoil it for you

wanna have a trio?