Movie Monday: MIRAL

Frieda Pinto as Miral

As an English Teacher travelling to far off foreign lands, it is only a matter of time before your ignorance is exposed. In Egypt, I learned that it is not always so simple and easy for someone to just want peace. A student of mine asked me plainly: “What would you do if they came into your homes and killed your people?”

“Miral is the name of a flower. It grows on the side of the road. You’ve probably seen millions of them.”

I came across the movie as I usually do new movies, on some random movie blog. I looked it up on as saw some very small minded people giving the film very small minded reviews. Asking why Miral only looks at the issue in Palestine/Israel from the Arab point of view.

On HBO’s original series (and one of the few news related shows on TV/satellite which is honest) Real Time With Bill Maher’s guest last Friday was the director of The Diving Bell and The Butterfly, Basquiat, and Miral itself. He answered his critics like a real honest-to-the-source-material art-house director would “We already know our side,” said the Jewish-American director, speaking on behalf of the general Western sheltered culture. I couldn’t agree more, we understand so little of the personal experience of an entire race of people. We need not look outside of even our own races to find open gaps in our knowledge of life in areas less ‘civilized’ than ours. Let alone try to assume things based on books, movies, and let’s face, stereotype.

Miral takes a look at the female experience in a war torn region of the Islamic world that may never be able to find a peaceful resolution. On a deeper level, it looks at a person’s primal desire, when backed against the wall, to “take up arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing end them.” The arousal to fight manifests whether or not the person believes he or she can triumph over whatever adversary they are facing. This is the pride that resides in the hearts of all men and women. It is the strength of the human spirit. Its will to fight for what is ‘right’ no matter the cost that – the Arab people I’ve met believe – will only result in a Palestinian victory.

Peep the trailer:

“No future for them, without one for us.”
I don’t condone violence, but that doesn’t mean I don’t understand it under some circumstances. It is an inescapable part of our natures, of our histories. …inescapable? Surely the history is a large and complicated issue, but I think the healing should start with women being treated accordingly; as our most valuable assets.

4/5 Black Ty’s

Ma ‘is salaama


not making excuses, slow grind, soon turn to fast wine


yeah the book could have been done, and should have been finished by now
but just two days ago, a piece of my past resurfaced right in time for the rewrite i was doing on a particular chapter

i don’t believe in coincidences

so yeah, it’s taking me a while, but at least i haven’t stopped writing

“slow down if you must, but just don’t stop” – someone said that right?

i said this:

“crafting the everlasting, not a throw away
want you to read her and say i kilt her
not tear off the corners for your filters”

Class, class, class,


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Red Eye Ty

she stood approximately 5’8″
more than just beautiful her mind’s great
with aspirations for our time’s sake
thought it impossible, she’s my date?
young winnie mandell,
make my little man swell
crude construct, but the rhyme stands well
when you consider, few could get her
not that she was never scooped
but hearts grow bitter, freeze and splinter
when niggaz riding in them coups

that was then…

this is now…

*shots fired*

she stood approximately 5’8″
ate so much pho, that her mind’s fake
if fib was dude, she would be lies mate
dumb bitches increase the crime rate
young wanna be cantrell
blu, ring many man bell
rude blonde slut, but the facade stands well
when you permit her, soup and dinner
that’s how she devise the doop
thinking of a remix
while she riding in your coup


i’m not bitter, i’m already on to the next one, and having mad fun

just venting, airing out the gas you blew up my ass, scheming lass

Stay Classy Internet,

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