Red Eye Ty

she stood approximately 5’8″
more than just beautiful her mind’s great
with aspirations for our time’s sake
thought it impossible, she’s my date?
young winnie mandell,
make my little man swell
crude construct, but the rhyme stands well
when you consider, few could get her
not that she was never scooped
but hearts grow bitter, freeze and splinter
when niggaz riding in them coups

that was then…

this is now…

*shots fired*

she stood approximately 5’8″
ate so much pho, that her mind’s fake
if fib was dude, she would be lies mate
dumb bitches increase the crime rate
young wanna be cantrell
blu, ring many man bell
rude blonde slut, but the facade stands well
when you permit her, soup and dinner
that’s how she devise the doop
thinking of a remix
while she riding in your coup


i’m not bitter, i’m already on to the next one, and having mad fun

just venting, airing out the gas you blew up my ass, scheming lass

Stay Classy Internet,

I’m Black Ty

and this is….


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