Movie Review Monday: Somewhere

The above trailer is set to the music of my 2nd favorite band of all time (The Strokes) and their song I’ll Try Anything Once. Lyrics below.

I can see me in your eyes….

The song, and the movie remind me of the quiet, actually brief but seemingly epic moments in life when you truly appreciate what you have had, what you do have, and what you will get.

If you’ve ever tried and failed at being a Stephen Dorf fan, try again with Sophia Coppola’s Somewhere; a tale about a man trying to find himself while his daughter floats adrift in a broken home and dysfunctional family between parental units. A reminder that we don’t choose our parents or our kids, but that we can choose love and life over death and dismay.

Peace to the Godz and Earths.

Ten decisions shape your life,
you’ll be aware of 5 about,
7 ways to go through school,
either you’re noticed or left out,
7 ways to get ahead,
7 reasons to drop out,
when i said ‘ I can see me in your eyes’,
you said ‘I can see you in my bed’,
that’s not just friendship that’s romance too,
you like music we can dance to,

Sit me down,
Shut me up,
i’ll calm down,
and i’ll get along with you,

There is a time when we all fail,
some people take it pretty well,
some take it all out on themselves,
some they just take it out on friends,
oh everybody plays the game,
and if you don’t you’re called insane,

Don’t don’t don’t don’t it’s not safe no more,
i’ve got to see you one more time,
soon you were born,
in 1984,

Sit me down,
shut me up,
i’ll calm down,
and i’ll get along with you,

Everybody was well dressed,
and everybody was a mess,
6 things without fail you must do,
so that your woman loves just you,
oh all the girls played mental games,
and all the guys were dressed the same,

Why not try it all,
if you only remember it once,
oooh ooooooh,

Sit me down,
shut me up,
i’ll calm down,
and i’ll get along with you,

(okay one more time)


“…in the past if you picture events, like a black tie,
what’s last thing you expect to see? black guys…”

Kanye on Murder to Excellence – Watch the Throne

Stay Sassy Internutz,

Black Ty