Black Ty’s Black’n’out

Tomorrow, in protest of a bill that will go before the senate greatly limiting the freedoms enjoyed over the internet,, Wiki-pedia, Mozilla, and countless other e-staples of the web will go ‘BLACK’. This will affect the global online community even though it is just a bill proposed in the US.

This is a chance to rediscover adventure bound not by 1’s and 0’s, even if just for a day.

After showing your support – if you are an American citizen you can visit to do so – go outside. Don’t use the weather as an excuse. I’m assuming if you can afford a computer and internet access, you might also have enough clothes to dress for the weather.

Bring a book with you; read.

Talk to a stranger and be friendly and polite.

Hold the door for someone incredibly far away.

I will allow earbuds; we all need a soundtrack.


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