Concept Art for my novel series

After far too many years hiding this from the world…I’ve decided to finally start showing bits and pieces…

The following are rough sketches of characters appearing in the first story arc of my planned novel series.

I am not a trained illustrator and should my work ever take the form of a graphic novel, I would probably hire an artist. I have always maintained that writing is my strongest talent. Which is why I’m babbling on now and not just getting to the darn posting of the pics…lol here we go.

Mike Hart

young black doctor in the 70s


cookie cutter superhero who tries to break the mold he was made into

additional Ace sketches

black girl

no character name yet, just something that may be used in a flash back

urbanite hipster swag queen in the city

secondary character (name tbd) supporting cast for female protagonist (Mackenzie)

Malcolm Bell

Malcolm Bell based on my brother – obvious to those that know him

Nikki Noble… based loosely on an old friend 🙂 I hope she doesn’t mind…

Norman Bell, father to Malcolm and Tyson Bell


The Spades Youth Club – inspired by my friends- obvious to those who know them

Emma Abrams…supporting cast

Rachelle C. supporting cast

Mina…inspired by a good friend I made out in Egypt..hope he doesn’t mind 🙂

Detective Frank Knotts… main character… drawn about 13 years ago

Father Morrisand – catholic priest … he’ll fit in the story in strange ways

Daniel Currie…based on my favorite High School Teacher… hope he doesn’t mind

Astan Morningstar (revealed)— he’ll have an interesting journey

Female Lead, Mackenzie Hart…in a strange place

Alien race, tentatively called the Omak

Serun…based on a High School Friend – obvious to those who know him…maybe?

Our antagonist, in his most menacing attire

supporting cast…the name is stolen, but not based on where I stole it from

As you can see, I’m playing with a bunch of different styles and haven’t settle on one. This is however, just concept art.  From the various pics, you can also guess that the story is of the sci-fi fantasy genre, influenced by comic books, anime, and even the Wire, if you’re reaching (see Spades drawing).

More to come. This is just the first batch of stuff I happened to scan today. I think I’ll have subsequent posts be dedicated to individual characters.

I also just bought a Wacom Tablet, that I’m having a lot of trouble getting used to. Hopefully I can incorporate the work I do with that in photoshop into what I share here.

If you do look at this, constructive criticism is always welcome.

Stay Classy,

Black Ty.



Find peace in stillness

And a chance to be reborn

Find calm in each storm


Her firm pillow lips

Her eyes full of tenderness

For this, I would kill

Donate a pint of blood to the battlefield

In competition

Victory is the mission

But tried is the prize

Mighty Pen

Savages I see

Human stains they will become

When my sword is unsheathed

My Centre

The House of Hado

Samurai, Jedi, Kal El

Bruce, X, Justice, Truth

Tip posted this on twitter, so I wrote some lyrics to it.

vroom i peel out, dust blocked by mudflaps they shooting on sesame, so i buss back up in the ghetto, i’m bumping heavy metal while sultry soft sax is causing treble on the level word to big bird, he be slapping da bass mudfoot slinging treats, hit my man in the face i swirve, hit curb, bruised instead of enthused fall out, ball out, and i’m making the news

boom went oscar on the organ to strike a cord
the wound was fatal, not be ignored
a little alliteration, absurd abstract
stay awake to ways of the world or out tap
shit is deep
cuz the treats, those were bullets from the tek
the beat, well, was a shotgun blast to the chest
and when all was said done i was the only one
not leaking from an organ, or a fcuking gun

for audio of me spitting on this beat click below:


Black Ty 😉

Collision Course – 1 page screenplay

This is a 1-page screenplay I wrote for a competition I entered.

My critics say the end was too cliche. I hope this happens to them >:-)



Collision Course


Black Ty





ANONIMOUS MAN sleeping in a bed. His eyes open. He is awake. Sirens blare outside. He can hear people shouting. His mind starts racing with questions. All of which he asks himself aloud while laying on his back.


Why is it so damn hot in here? Where the hell am I? How did I get here? What’s with the sirens? Did I go out last night? Whose bed am I in? This is not my apartment. Those are not my posters on the wall. These are definitely not my pink sheets. Why am I just in my boxers and socks? Where are my clothes?

He sits up in the bed and tries to make sense of his situation, looking around the room for his pants. He notices that the television is on. The volume is low. It’s the news. A FEMALE REPORTER is saying something that seems important.


Hmmm…I usually fall asleep watching porn.

He isn’t able to make out what she is saying before the sudden change in altitude throws him into a mental maelstrom.


Whoa! How many roofies was I fed last night? My head is pulsating violently; pounding against the walls of my skull as if something were trying to get out.

He lays back down in the bed, rubbing his temples and wincing in pain.


What’s with those damn sirens? Whatever’s going on it is close because I can see the lights flashing in the window. I think I just heard a scream but I’m sure I’m wrong.

He looks down his nose at the television.


Why does it seem like the news is on a continuous loop? She sounds scared. Is she just saying the same thing over and over again? Or am I just that ruined? What’s this in the bed beside me? Is it my cell phone?

As his fingers take hold of it, he is momentarily relieved with the thought of being able to call for help.


No, it’s just the remote control for the T.V. Let me turn this up a little and hope my head doesn’t explode.

He sits up slowly, resting his back on the bed head. He turns up the volume. The reporter is fighting back sobs as she delivers some very bleak news. His mind stops racing with questions; he is focused on what she has to say.

His first instinct is to dismiss this as another media spectacle in which empathy is feigned for more compelling television.

Then he hears what she is saying.