KONY @)!@ 2012 (Shift the World This Year)

stop at nothing

Thanks to my Tumblr account I tripped on this powerful video just days after watching (and crying through) Machine Gun Preacher.

Clench your fist and raise it to the sky; somebody’s got to die.


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Brother Malcolm

The Importance of the Male Pedicure

Dear Gents,

If you’re like me, and read that book years ago that shows Michael Jordan’s corn and callus ridden feet, and used your own frequent sport playing to justify your ugly feet, you like me, need to change.

I’m not new to pedicures. On the contrary, my mother insisted I get them when I was still living with her. But now that I am on my own I have to motivate myself to get out to the salon what-have-you and get my feet tended to.

The main motivation? As with most things for us gentlemen, the driving force is women. They don’t want us to keep our socks (and shoes if you’re a black male porn star, no homo) on while we’re in bed. And we shouldn’t want to either.

There’s nothing like that completely unhindered, unfettered, unobstructed feeling of being stark naked in bed with a woman.

There’s also nothing quite like the embarrassment of when your sharp toenails slice open her achilles tendon. Of course, I’m using hyperbole to accentuate my point; I have never done that to a girl. But I have cringed and shied away when our feet touched, and I felt my rough, dry feet, mingling clumsily with hers.

Men, we don’t have to be soft all over like our women. Oh no! I will be the first to advocate chest hair (though trimmed like all other excessive body hair: pits, pubs). But this is one thing we can do for ourselves and for her.

get comfortable

Maintain your feet. She’ll thank you for it.

Stay classy,

Black Ty