…but of course, you are African.

Peace. Salaam alaykum.

Hello interwebz,

I haven’t forgotten you. China was a blur, and I couldn’t break down the great firewall to keep you up to date on my travels.

See my FB page for pics if you’d like.

Egypt has no such walls in place and in fact, from what I have heard, is moving gradually toward becoming a liberal and maybe someday democratic society. Hamdulillah.

Found a cool bookstore today full of English literature (even comic books!) just around the corner from my apartment in Maadi, Cairo.

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After roaming around and stacking up a comic book design guide, several postcards, stamps, a box of pencils and pencil sharpener on a table, I tried to pay for it all in Canadian money since the banks were closed today and I could not exchange currency.

She took payment in USD and offered me some refreshments. I chose a good looking (and soon to be discovered good-tasting) carrot cake and a bottle of Perrier.

When she brought over my change, she asked “So you’re Canadian?”

“I am, yes.” I replied in my habitual yoda style grammar.

“I see, but of course, you are African.”

I smiled and said, “Yes. A long time ago.”

“That’s good,” she continued, “we have that in common. We are family.”

I was utterly astounded by her pronouncements and fell into silent awe as she handed me my change and wished that I enjoy the cake.

Until that moment I had felt like an alien in this city. The store owner reminded me that I am amongst my family, no matter how far removed I have become. Her acknowledging our kinship felt so good. To her I was just a brother from another mother.

It feels good to be home.

Below is a video I found on the 2dopeboyz blog from Narcicyst.

Check it out and keep it classy.
Ma is salaama.