Love certainly has none. Especially on the unsuspecting naive heart.

even the car scenes are similar

Scott “Whooligan” Caan, writes and stars in this flick and does a good job at both. You could say that this is a just a modern retelling of the 1970s classic Love Story because (spoiler alert!) of what happens to the female lead character. But it didn’t feel that way to me. To me it felt more like “I’d rather imagine her dead than having turned down my proposal to be with another man.”

I swear I wasn’t expecting to watch another sad lovey-dovey movie (this would be the third in a row; London, the one below, and now Mercy) my boy @Heinz21st suggested the flick to me.

Much like London, the male lead in the story takes the break up harder than the female. Which makes me think that life is imitating art while art imitates life during a life-like imitation of an art exhibition in a fake art gallery showcasing truthiness.

Trailer peep:

Anyway, this is my review: I love movies about writers, I love movies about love, I love movies that give the public a look inside the twisted conversations of men. Scott Caan and his father, the legend James Caan, share some amazing scenes together.

"Love is a myth" .... "You're wrong, Dad."

 3.5/5 Black Ties.

With a special Santino rater for old times sake:

"Niggers havin' a real good time up in Harlem"

Put on some suspenders.

Stay Classy,

Black Ty.

Note to self: When it comes to sending emtionally charged emails, always save a draft, take a nap, and then decide if you really want to send it. Some things are better left unsaid.

“Just cuz a brother say he love you, don’t make it so. So when she looking for suitors she had to take it slow.” – Kweli