Creative Team

Key word: create.

It’s what we artists do.

I recently reminded myself of this and started doodling in my sketchbook again.

Two years ago I purchased a book entitled “How to Self-Publish Comics…Not Just Create Them” by Josh Blaylock.

I copied the set up the room in this pic

I copied the set up the room in this pic

(I also own “How to Write a Selling Screenplay” by Christopher Keane and “How to Write and Sell Your First Novel”)

HTSPCNJCT is a small book, only 127 pages in length, and an easy read.

The chapters were named in a straightforward way:

1)Building the infrastructure

2)Building Your Creative Team

3)Marketing and Promotion

4) Hitting the Pavement

Two years later and the comic book material is temporary shelved for a novel I am still re-working to this day.

Another one of my projects is an idea for a TV show, which my partner and I are meeting twice a week to discuss.

My acting coach Walter Alza (I say that knowing that I haven’t been back to class since 2008) once asked the beginner class I was in “Why do you want to be an actor?” A black girl with large breasteses answered “I want to be famous.”

As lame as I thought that sounded at the time, I had to appreciate her honesty.  Fame is such a vain pursuit though.

I answered the question with a story about how I wanted to give black actors more jobs.  If I could go back I would answer “I want express my self-proclaimed coolness.”

Ok, the POINT!

I see Judd Apotow and his gang and I think me and my boys could do better.  And by better I don’t just mean we can put a BET spin on things.

So I’m looking to align with people who are about that but from my hood.

Calling all Writers, let’s collab! Get Fab!

All artists, let’s create! Why waig? Move weight*

Separate we’re all good, but together we can be great.

Don’t let that Kanye line come into your head right now…”I might bounce ideas, but I don’t need writers, only I could come up with some shit like this”.

fuck that

I’m looking to assemble a team, we’ll call ourselves THE X-MEN…lol  j/k

I’m not looking to lead this group, I’m looking to set up roundtable discussions…we’ll call ourselved THE KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE…sorry

Writers, Actors, Artists, Musicians…producing together, creating art together…

I think it can be done.

Do you?

I have a few people in mind already…

*shows, plays, tv&film, parties?

Stay classy like Fred Glassy,

Black Ty

p.s. I need to go back to class.