Tip posted this on twitter, so I wrote some lyrics to it.

vroom i peel out, dust blocked by mudflaps they shooting on sesame, so i buss back up in the ghetto, i’m bumping heavy metal while sultry soft sax is causing treble on the level word to big bird, he be slapping da bass mudfoot slinging treats, hit my man in the face i swirve, hit curb, bruised instead of enthused fall out, ball out, and i’m making the news

boom went oscar on the organ to strike a cord
the wound was fatal, not be ignored
a little alliteration, absurd abstract
stay awake to ways of the world or out tap
shit is deep
cuz the treats, those were bullets from the tek
the beat, well, was a shotgun blast to the chest
and when all was said done i was the only one
not leaking from an organ, or a fcuking gun

for audio of me spitting on this beat click below:


Black Ty 😉